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We will admit it! Our approach is different. Our students take all their classes in a virtual setting and meet-up two days a week for “traditional classroom” experiences. Our students are receiving the benefits of personalized online learning, academic interventions that connect school and home, and parents maintain a strong hand on the shaping of their child's educational path, with an emphasis on home.

Yes. Lloyd Preparatory School is the hybrid-school experience. We leverage new innovations while satisfying parents’ desires because we know most parents want two things: (1) "to protect their children from being immersed in a school culture that is at odds with their family culture or philosophical world view and (2) for their children to be sufficiently exposed to people who are different from them that they will be well prepared for success and influence in the real world."

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Feb. 3rd

Open Enrollment Begins

Feb. 17th
Feb. 25th

School Holiday

Shrove Tuesday - No School

Ash Wednesday Morning Service

Spring Break - School Holiday

March 23rd - 27th

Spring-time New York. Sponsors needed. Please contact the school for more information.

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Feb. 26th

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